Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Clarification...

I want to clarify something I mentioned in my last post about being a stay at home mom and feeling surprisingly productive. As a working woman for the last five years, I have idealized the position of a stay at home mom to include afternoons of gossipping with girlfriends and watching Oprah. However, now that I have a sort of internship as a stay at home mom, I realize that a lot of effort and time goes into making sure the house is kept, diapers are changed, babies are bathed, laundry is folded and last on the list, I am showered every day...oh and exercise has somehow found the very rock bottom of the list thus far.

So, to all of the other moms out there, way to go, I now truly understand and respect the work you put in to manage your home and raise your babies.

My apologies for any past disrespect. As I go back to work on June 1st with my baby in tow, I will longingly reflect on my internship and wish I too could apply for a full time position. :)


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