Friday, January 29, 2010

Splish Splash!

Brooks is fascinated with the bath/shower. If we are filling the tub for him, he gets so excited for his bath...

And if either of us are in the shower, he will stand at the bath the entire time, water spraying his face and hair and try to get in with us.

It is pretty cute.

He is pretty cute. He must take after his daddy.


Proud Mama

Monday, January 25, 2010

College Habits Die Hard...or Not at All

I distinctly remember sitting in the dungeon/basement of the house I lived in Sophomore year at WSU playing on Naptster (remember Napster?!) on a Sunday night thinking, I really should start that 10 page essay due tomorrow...and inevitable by 9 or 10 I would start it and finish around 2 or 3 in the morning, or at least in time to shower and head to my 9:15 English class to turn it in to a professor who could read me like a book (after all, they were an English professor).


Well, I am taking a virtual class right now, and I have a zillion excuses why I haven't finished the homework...and have only finished the first of three L.O.N.G questions, including writing this blog about not doing it...the funny thing, it is a fun and very enjoyable class that I willingly signed up for in early December, but...

Old habits do die hard...

Should I make my husband cookies, or finish my homework?

Start the chicken pot pie or do my homework?

I think I have a problem...and I have a feeling EVERY Sunday night/Monday during this class is going to be the same thing...

As my old boss used to tell me over and over..."there is no hour like the 11th hour." And thank goodness for that!



Friday, January 22, 2010

A Great North Idaho Photographer

photo courtesy of the Vintage Barn Show

Last September I went to the Vintage Barn Show in Rathdrum, Idaho.

Where is Rathdrum, you ask? It is near Coeur D'Alene, Idaho.

Where is Coeur D'Alene, you ask (if you have been living under a rock)? It is about 30 minutes east of Spokane, Washington on the 90.

My family is all nestled in the Okanogan Valley in Eastern Washington, so many of them met us there...

It was a blast! We stayed in an awesome house on the Spokane River and when we weren't shopping at the Vintage Barn Show, (which was AWESOME!), we played, played, played!

A highlight of our trip was meeting Christina G who is a tremendous photographer...I mention her because she just updated her website, which you can view by clicking here... Christina G Photography, and to be totally transparent, if I mention her here, I am entered in a little giveaway she is doing...and I LOVE fun giveaways...So, take a peak, and if you live in the great northwest, give her a call.

All my Best,


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Updated: Mercy and Sharing Co founder, Susie Made Another Appearance on CNN

Update on Mercy and Sharing: Susie Krabacher, co founder of Mercy and Sharing was on the Campbell Brown show on CNN again last night (Thursday) with another update on their progress in Haiti...I will post a link as soon as it is available on their site.

For regular updates on Susie and her team, become a fan of Mercy and Sharing on Facebook and Twitter

photo courtesy of Mercy and Sharing
Temporary medical beds set up in the streets

We don't have cable at home.

But I am in front of a computer all day covering at the office.

So, I swallowed my resistance and started reading and looking at photos of Haiti.


Joe and Susie Krabacher are Aspen locals who go to our church, Crossroads. They have been working with the people of Haiti for over a decade through their organziation, Mercy and Sharing. They have orphanages, clinics and feeding programs set up throughout the country to help those in need...and now the need is greater than ever.

100% of every dime donated to their organization, Mercy and Sharing goes to assist the people of Haiti as the overhead for their foundation is paid by the Krabacher's and their board members.


Even if you do not have the means to help them financially, please keep them in your prayers. Susie is on the ground in Haiti and promises not to leave until she finds the children who have been missing since the earthquake.

She was on CNN yesterday (January 20, 2010). You can view the interview using this link:

You can follower her updates on Twitter and Facebook as well.


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shows you how close we are! I put Prairie Woman instead of Pioneer. Silly me! For some reason, I had prairies on my mind.
She just doesn't know it yet...or know me, for that matter.
She is creative, and spunky, and she is living a life sort of opposite of me.
She is a city girl who married a cowboy.
She can cook, oh can she cook!
Her name is, Ree...and she is the Pioneer Woman.
Do you want to get to know her too?
All you have to do is visit The Pioneer Woman

Dear Mr. Sleep,

I miss you. For some reason, your visits are short and often forced.
Please come back, and visit Brooks too...for at least 8 hours a night. I am sure he misses you, even though he doesn't really know who you are.
Miss You,
One Tired Mama Who Hasn't Slept an Eight Hour Increment in at Least a Year (Including Pregnancy)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Thursday, January 14, 2010

w.r.i.t.e.r.s b.l.o.c.k

I am absent from the blog...

But more present in mommyhood than ever.

When we got home from Charleston I started "working" from home.

I thought this would mean more work than it has been, but it turns out, I have been able to spend most of my time playing mama and maid (I am being silly about the maid part).

My day has become scheduled...8:30ish the boy is up, we eat breakfast together after daddy leaves for work...he plays until about 10:00ish and then naps for an hour or two while I clean a closet or tidy the house...he wakes. We typically have an afternoon adventure such as hiking Smuggler mountain with Aunt Amy Jo and Tait, and then he takes another nap around 3:30...daddy is home around 6:00, we play as a family, eat dinner, play some more, and then Brooks heads to bed...

I couldn't be more happy and am so thankful the Lord has opened the opportunity for me to be at home with my boy. What a joy.

Everyday when he is napping I check into my favorite blogs (see blog role to the right). I am so inspired by so many godly women who give a peak into their world as mommies and wives...and then I start a blog entry of my own...and get stuck.

So, I am praying for inspiration. I have a zillion fun pictures to show you that I took with my new camera! I have some really fun adventures to share with you... but they will come in time.

As a family we are dealing with some health issues, and focusing our time on praying and supporting our loved one who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (but asked to remain anonymous, and I love and respect that).

I love you cup runneth over.

Until I can put my thoughts into better words,


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Uh Oh!

Mama got a new camera!
There is so much to learn.
Hopefully I don't get too distracted and forget about my new job...director of domestic affairs, Ragan division.