Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What have I been doing?

We have had a crazy couple of weeks. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just plumb busy.

We hired my replacement at work, so I am working on a training schedule and I am creating a "how to" file for her. It is kind of weird, but relieving at the same time. I will really miss working in the office with my girls, but the opportunity to be with Brooks full time far outweighs any hesitation I have about leaving.

This weekend I conned Bryant in to painting our master bedroom "robin egg!" He was hesitant for a couple reasons, one being that he typically doesn't like anything in the blue family and two, convincing a contractor to work on his own house on a weekend is nearly impossible. But, due to a fluke trip to Grand Junction for what turned out to be absolutely nothing, he owed me a little quality time! Yes, I win!!! I love the way the color turned out, and I can't wait to see it all put together. I have ordered some frames and a piece of art for the walls. I am hoping our bedroom will finally feel complete...

Stay tuned! Once it is all put together and I get things on the walls (give me about a week), I will post pictures.

In the mean time, I am gearing up for a couple days off this week. Trev and Amy took the kids to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with her family, so we are on our own. We might have dinner out, which would be a first for me, but it will be nice to not have a single cranberry stained dish in my sink...:)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

All the best,

The B's

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life Changes...The News!

Crazy. Stressful. Busy. Moving.
That is how it has been since we had Brooks in April. Actually, since I went back to work full time six weeks after bringing him home.
Adjusting to motherhood, the shuffle of baby stuff, transitioning into childcare three days a week (THANK YOU, AMY JO!), and trying (often failing) to keep our personal life semi organized and tidy (Ugh), keeping Gary (my boss) happy and really organized, and let's not forget about my amazing, supportive, tremendous (HOT) husband... it has all piled high.
We have been praying. We have had people praying for us, and we really felt like we needed to make a change so we didn't wake up one day with our kids in college and wonder where the last 18 years went.
So, we stepped out in faith and I made a proposal to the VP of our company, and she was supportive, despite the state of the economy. So after a lot of thought and stress and sleepless nights, I had a conversation with Gary...
The News!
I will be transitioning into a position that is 100% from home. I will be implementing the company's strategic marketing plan. By the first of the year, I will be able to be at home with Brooks full time. I get to hear him laugh and see him smile all day long. I get to put him in his own crib for naps and do dishes and vacuum the dog hair without sacrificing my precious momma time with him.

I can't wait! I feel like the weight of Grand Coulee Dam has been lifted off my shoulders.
I praise you, Lord for hearing my cries.
You know the desires of my heart.

The Heart of a Doula

When either Amy Jo or I mention the word "doula" to an expecting parent, more often than not, we are met with a sideways stare and the question, "what on earth is a doula?" There are so many ways to describe her role, and they are almost all correct.

I like the two word summary, "birth coach," but in reality my role as a doula is so much more.

Having a doula isn't always about a non-medicated birth, but more about educating women on the options they have for their baby's delivery, providing hands-on support of their birth plan, and having a non hospital staffer present throughout their birth experience to assist and encourage.

I have taken some time away from doula work for a few reasons, but the main one being that I have a good paying, full time, non-flexible office job, and I can't get away for mid week deliveries...

But, I love being in the delivery room with laboring parents. Every time I step through the door I feel humbled and honored to be invited to assist in one of the most intimate life experiences each couple may ever have. I loved the birth experience, even before I had experienced it for myself.

And then I delivered Brooks...without a drop of drugs. I could not and would not have done it without my incredible team. Bryant and our doula, Amy Jo were irreplaceable. As with nearly all deliveries, there came a point when I looked up at them with exhaustion in my eyes and begged for pain medicine, but they believed in me. They knew our birth plan, and most of all, they knew I could do it...and they were right.

Amy Jo, who has been a doula for nearly 13 years has been encouraging me to get back into the delivery room, and my midwife has asked me several times when I will start practicing again, but in truth I needed some time to heal. I was not physically or emotionally wounded from my birth experience, but I needed time to process it, to understand it better.

Last night I had the opportunity to assist in a close friend's delivery. I was a little nervous before going in because I was afraid I would have forgotten all of my techniques, and this was the first time I had been back in a delivery room since Brooks' delivery over six months ago.

However, as I stepped through the door, and watched an incredible woman through her first contraction, it came pouring back, but with a greater enthusiasm and knowledge. I had been in her position. I knew what the "wave" of a contraction felt like, I knew how to relax and let the contraction work with your body. I knew what it meant to take a cleansing breath and let each contraction go. I was able to coach her through it all, and I loved every second of it.

As soon as I got into my car to leave the hospital I called Amy Jo to debrief. She almost immediately asked me if I am ready to get back into it and work with her...and without hesitation, I knew that I was.

Six Months Old!

6 month photos by Aunty Amy Jo of Lotta Love Photo

I have read it on so many "mommy" blogs.

...Time flies...

I didn't necessarily believe it until I woke up on October 21st...

and realized that Brooks is six months old.

Half a year.
Soon he will be a year.

And then, he will be heading off to play baseball in college (Go Cougs!).

Ok, I got a little ahead of myself there, but that is what it feels like.

The other day, I snuck over to Paradise bakery for a yummy treat,
and I saw two moms walking with their late teenage boys. One of the boys reached over and gave his momma a playful noogy. I laughed to myself.

It made me fast forward to Amy Jo and I walking around with Tait and Brooks.

Stand still, time! I demand it!

Ok, enough of that.

Brooks is 6 months old...

At his appointment yesterday, we learned that his head is 90th percentile (that explains 12 hours of labor...and 3 HOURS of pushing), he is 80th percentile for length, and 60th percentile for weight... right on schedule in his development

...and quite a little stud, if you ask his totally unbiased momma...

I don't exaggerate when I tell you, he is one of the happiest babies I have ever been around.

He cracks up when we play peak a boo, he smiles constantly, and he loves loves loves nuggin' with his momma and daddio.

What a joy. Pure joy.

My cup runneth over.

~The B's~