Friday, May 15, 2009

Duck and Cover!

Bryant was changing Brooks this afternoon while I worked on my computer. All of a sudden we heard an explosion, and Bryant shot out of the line of fire. When I looked up, I saw a buttery substance fly across the room! I know Brooks will kill me for sharing this story when he is 14, but we laughed so hard we cried. His poo shot about 4 feet off of the pack and play, covered the floor, the couch and Bryant's shirt. Oh the joys of motherhood! :)



Coleson's Blog said...

Oh my word! SOOO funny! I can honestly say this never happened to us and Coleson only peed twice during changing. You have to be FAST! haha! I think it's funny Mali is like "what is this!" haha!

...yes there are so many joys! ;)

Kim, Aaron, Jake, Jack and Baby #3 said...

Ha! Yep...welcome to motherhood! Actually, Jake and Jack both did that, but not more than 2x it hopefully won't happen a lot to you either. ;) But aren't they so cute, even when they poop all over you!? :) Love you tons! And by the way, check out our blog when you have time...I wrote a post totally based on your blog the other day. :) I loved it and so I had to copy and paste what you wrote. You cracked me up with your honesty. Love you tons. Sure would love to see you again soon!

ann said...

Danny totally did the same thing when he was that age... but ONTO his grandparent's WHITE comforter! Ooops! I only wish we had a picture to prove it. :)