Monday, July 27, 2009

Swing Low!


We had such a fun weekend! Friday night we went to a great dinner with Trev and Amy to 689 in Carbondale. I have never been disappointed with this restaurant. We hung our for almost four hours under big trees and strings of lights. It was a perfect summer night.

Saturday Bryant and I went to watch two great friends renew their vows and went to a park in Snowmass afterward to celebrate. It was a gorgeous day full of asada, chocolate cake, football, volleyball, and Brooks' first experience on a swing.

And the grand finale was Sunday. After going to church we met a large group down on a beach on the Roaring Fork River in the gorgeous North Star Preserve and watched our friend, Billy (who renewed his vows on Saturday) be baptized along with a several others from our church. It was an amazing experience for baptisees and spectators alike.

For a sampling of our fun adventures, take a look at the photo album on the right!

Still swarming around at work, but being busy is a good thing these days!

All the best,

The B's
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jenn said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend!