Tuesday, November 24, 2009

What have I been doing?

We have had a crazy couple of weeks. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just plumb busy.

We hired my replacement at work, so I am working on a training schedule and I am creating a "how to" file for her. It is kind of weird, but relieving at the same time. I will really miss working in the office with my girls, but the opportunity to be with Brooks full time far outweighs any hesitation I have about leaving.

This weekend I conned Bryant in to painting our master bedroom "robin egg!" He was hesitant for a couple reasons, one being that he typically doesn't like anything in the blue family and two, convincing a contractor to work on his own house on a weekend is nearly impossible. But, due to a fluke trip to Grand Junction for what turned out to be absolutely nothing, he owed me a little quality time! Yes, I win!!! I love the way the color turned out, and I can't wait to see it all put together. I have ordered some frames and a piece of art for the walls. I am hoping our bedroom will finally feel complete...

Stay tuned! Once it is all put together and I get things on the walls (give me about a week), I will post pictures.

In the mean time, I am gearing up for a couple days off this week. Trev and Amy took the kids to Washington to spend Thanksgiving with her family, so we are on our own. We might have dinner out, which would be a first for me, but it will be nice to not have a single cranberry stained dish in my sink...:)

Happy Thanksgiving, friends.

All the best,

The B's

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Jeanneoli said...

I want to see the room photos...blues are my favorite. I bet it looks amazing. We should meet up for some antiquing sometime!!!