Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Life Changes...The News!

Crazy. Stressful. Busy. Moving.
That is how it has been since we had Brooks in April. Actually, since I went back to work full time six weeks after bringing him home.
Adjusting to motherhood, the shuffle of baby stuff, transitioning into childcare three days a week (THANK YOU, AMY JO!), and trying (often failing) to keep our personal life semi organized and tidy (Ugh), keeping Gary (my boss) happy and really organized, and let's not forget about my amazing, supportive, tremendous (HOT) husband... it has all piled high.
We have been praying. We have had people praying for us, and we really felt like we needed to make a change so we didn't wake up one day with our kids in college and wonder where the last 18 years went.
So, we stepped out in faith and I made a proposal to the VP of our company, and she was supportive, despite the state of the economy. So after a lot of thought and stress and sleepless nights, I had a conversation with Gary...
The News!
I will be transitioning into a position that is 100% from home. I will be implementing the company's strategic marketing plan. By the first of the year, I will be able to be at home with Brooks full time. I get to hear him laugh and see him smile all day long. I get to put him in his own crib for naps and do dishes and vacuum the dog hair without sacrificing my precious momma time with him.

I can't wait! I feel like the weight of Grand Coulee Dam has been lifted off my shoulders.
I praise you, Lord for hearing my cries.
You know the desires of my heart.


Coleson's Blog said...

AWESOME!! BECCA! That is super wonderful. I am so happy for you. What a blessing! I do wish I could say you wont be having any more sacrifices to make but you will (just note that and tuck it away :)) they are all worth it though. Your house still may find days of being untidy and dog hair may pile from time to time but you will be with your son and that makes it so worth it. Prayers for another smooth transition--back home! Yeah!

SarahD said...

So glad that God answered your prayers, what an amazing relief! We too have been praying for the very same thing since I went back to work in January and can totally relate to the heavy weight on your shoulders. I am hopeful that some day that the weight can be lifted from my shoulders! Blessings to you and your family.

The Watsons said...

Oh, Becca, I am so excited for you. That is great! I hope you enjoy every minute of it...even the crazy times! You will have days you want to pull your hair out -- several of them I am sure! -- but I don't think you will regret it at all. They do grow way too fast. How in the world I already have a 3 year old, 1 year old, and am fixing to have a new baby any day now is BEYOND me. Seems like we just started this parenting journey last week. Craziness! Enjoy it all. You are doing a great job! Love ya!

>Cade! said...

Hi Becca. My name is Toby, & I stumbled upon your blog after clicking 'Next Blog' away from my friend's site. I wanted to tell you that I'm really excited for you & this new season of your life! As a sahm mom of 4 little people, I can tell you wholeheartedly that it's an incredible honor to be home with our kiddos ~ what a high calling to disciple & shepherd these little lives! Enjoy all the moments...sometimes the days are so long, but truly, the weeks & years fly by...Pray your way through the days; trust God for strength & grace to balance being a wife, mommy & employee. (Not to mention chef extraordinaire, home organizer, laundry queen, etc). I'm going to pray tonight for the transition for your whole family; that it will be a smooth & easy. Press on, Becca! May God continue to bless your family!

Katie said...

God is good...all the time! Wonderful news!

Tara said...

What a blessing Becca! I remember after Logan was born I was so torn between working and being home. I kept seeking out opinions of older, wiser women and the one thing I NEVER HEARD was, :I wish I had worked more and spent less time with the kiddos." NOBODY said that. Everyone wished they had made more time for family. Children are our biggest blessing and legacy and God will REWARD your faithfulness! Blessings to you!