Friday, May 14, 2010


Last weekend we decided to flee from our weekly dose of spring snow and head south to warmer weather...if you consider Durango south.

It was an amazing drive though Ouray, and over Red Mountain Pass (I thought I was going to barf...or jump into Bryant's lap on several hair pin corners, but restrained myself for the safety of all passengers in the car). There are no guardrails, and a MAJOR drop off. There is a memorial for snowplow drivers who have died trying to maintain the road. It is gorgeous, but I don't think I will be making that drive again any time soon especially with my little man riding in the back seat.

I booked an adorable studio on VRBO (which has become one of my favorite booking sites for vacations, and my expectations have always been exceeded when booking a property on the site). We walked around town, and by walk, I mean we followed our little walker as he did circles, tried to pick up garbage off the sidewalk, and touch every new object he could find, and we road our road bikes while pulling the little dude in the charriott. We had great sushi (always a wonderful surprise in the middle of the Rockies), and we spent the enormous amount of windshield time chatting about life and big adventures ahead.

On our way home we explored Telluride, which was a ghost town, tumbleweed included, but gorgeous non the less. It felt a little like the movie deliverance when we drove past the local town folk. They just stared and watched us as we drove up and long after we drove away. Little creepy. How people live their year round is beyond me, but a weeks vacation would be nice. It felt like a small village in Europe minus the goats and bell wearing cows running through the streets.

This week, my best friend Sarah came down from my hometown Bonney Lake, Washington to visit for a few days. The best thing about her visiting is the time we spend in our jammies on the couch chatting until about noon everyday. There is never awkward conversation or weird lolls. We just chat, and giggle and belly the good ol' days of eating nerds and drinking WAY too much diet pepsi. She left yesterday. I miss her like breath.

I would LOVE to share some cute pictures from our adventures last weekend, but this computer is sickly with a horrible virus that is basically only allowing me to use the Internet, and nothing else. She will be going to the IT dr. soon.

Until then,

Becs & the boys

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