Tuesday, July 20, 2010


My computer at home is not reliable, and when Bryant happens to leave his laptop or Ipad at home I usually have to catch up on work, so I have been very absent from posting...and there is a lot to share.

We have had a great summer in Aspen so far. The weather has been amazing, allowing for many bike rides, hikes and outdoor adventures. Brooks loves to be outside.

I recently spent a long weekend in Seattle visiting my best friend and her family and attending my 10 year class reunion. It was so great to see old friends and catch up...although, reunions are far less informative now that Facebook keeps me posted on most every one's whereabouts. While I was in Washington with Brooks, Bryant was in Haiti on a mission trip. He had an incredible experience...life changing. It was his first time in a 3rd world country, and they didn't spoil themselves. From sleeping on concrete with a sheet as covering, to visiting some of the most vial post earthquake areas of the country, he said it was pretty tough, but he would do it again. I am so proud of him.

The greatest part of summer has definitely been getting a positive pregnancy test in early June! We are due to have Ragan baby #2 in mid February! I am now 11 weeks, and feeling fine. I have been able to stay active this time around since I am not behind a desk and I am chasing a crazy toddler all day long. It has definitely been more exhausting, but I think my jeans will be a little less snug in the end (fingers crossed), than the last go around. We had a really fun ultrasound at 8 weeks and everything is checking out great.

So, that is us in a nutshell... We head to Washington again in August to spend a week in the San Juans with my family... I can already taste the fresh crab and clams!

Until next time,



SarahD said...

Glad to have an update...lots of fun things going on for you and the fam! Cheers!

The Watsons said...

You know I have so missed your blogs! Sure hope you keep it up...love me some Becca! ;)

Lauren said...

Congrats, Rebecca! I've been wondering when this announcement would come. :) You just seem so happy with (and good at!) motherhood.