Saturday, August 28, 2010

And the Flavor is...

I had to have an ultrasound at 14 weeks so my midwife felt comfortable with me spending a week on a remote island.
When she was looking around I asked if she could see any plumbing, and low and behold, she could indeed...
Sometime in February we will be bringing home baby boy #2. I am so excited and nervous...but I am sure the nerves of having a second boy and becoming quickly outnumbered in my house (we have a female dog which evens out the count, for a few more months at least) will subside the second I see his chubby little cheeks.
I am a day away from 17 weeks already, and can't believe how fast the second pregnancy is going. I guess chasing around a busy and quick toddler makes it hard to sit down and focus on being pregnant, like I was able to do the first time around.
So far, all is perfect, and Bryant and I are praying for more of the same. We have our big ultrasound appointment in late September, and once we get some cute images of the little bugger, I will give you a look see.
Until then...
Becs, and the boys

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