Thursday, September 9, 2010

Oh how I love you, September

I love the the fall...

I love the crisp air, the rain, the leaves changing color, apple harvest... all of it.

I love the anticipation of nearly ten family birthdays, including my own, (December must be a
cold month!) our anniversary and football season.

September is a whirlwind!

This year for my birthday present, my sister in law took me to a new photo location to do some test shots.

Brooks was a pain in the buns. If I even touched him, he screamed. Despite the toddler toils, she got some fun shots... I admire her patience.

Here are some fruits of her labor...

He was clearly done at this point...and frankly, so was I. :)


Kim W. said...

Great pictures! I love them! And you, my dear, are still as beautiful as ever. Love that belly starting to show! Way to stick it out a little! ;) Love ya!
PS. Our 2nd boy, Jack, was JUST like that when it came to pictures, would NOT cooperate, and now, he is finally starting to deal with pictures and is really into smiling now. :) Ofcourse, he's almost 3, and the period of 18months to 32 months was a bit rough in the picture category! Ha!

Katie said...

I just love all of these pics!