Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This Time Three Years Ago...

We were in Europe on our honeymoon...

It was amazing.

Bryant surprised me with tickets. I had no idea where we were going.

He booked the first three nights in Venice, and the rest was a big three week adventure.
We ended up taking a jet boat to Croatia for five days, flying to Naples and staying in Positano for a few nights, and then meeting up with friends from Aspen in Tuscany, and travelling with them to a small Italian village called Talamone, and spent our last night in Rome before flying home to our life together.

It was a dream.

I love my husband for his sense of adventure.

He is amazing.

I am a blessed wife.

Waiting for the water taxi to dinner is Positano. Sigh...

Visiting Monteriggioni in Tuscany where I found some fabulous shoes!

Snorkeling in Capri...Yeah, my husband works out.

Sunset in Rovinj, Croatia. It was breathtaking, every night.

After dinner drinks at a restaurant in Rovinj, Croatia that was literally on a cliff over the water. Here I am soaking my feet in the sea.

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The Watsons said...

What a sweet post...I love it. You are such a pretty little lady, Becca! :) Bryant is lucky to have you! And Brooks is lucky to have you, too! Lucky men in your life, I do say! :) Love ya!