Thursday, October 7, 2010

Houston and Iron Horse Ranch

Bryant and I had such an amazing week in Houston that we decided to extend our trip. He accepted an invitation to stay and hunt opening day of deer season with a good friend on his ranch. The Everetts were able to come down for a few days too.

Over the course of two weeks, we met incredible people and visited old friends.

We had amazing adventures.

Enjoy the slideshow of our adventures by clicking on the picture above...


Becs and the boys

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Kim W. said...

Sure enjoyed all the pictures. Looks so much like around here, actually, but still 5 hours away from us. Anyhow, I still think yall oughta move to Texas, maybe one day you will... ;) Love ya girly!
PS. My fave picture was the 3 (4) of yall on the Polaris! Ranch life is THE LIFE! Love it. Glad yall had such a good time!