Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mid Week 39 and Still Flying High

Well, Caleb is anyway.  He is still floating happily in his mama's womb.  I went to see our midwife today and I am a 2 and 50%, which is indeed more progressed then last week, but I was secretly hoping and praying I would be a 6 or 7 and asked to go directly to the not pass go etc, etc...But, God has a different day for sweet Caleb's birthday and in all truth I am ok with that.  I am not anxious or over it yet, just excited to meet the little bugger.  I am still feeling great, but losing more and more physical energy by the day, and I am really anticipating the feeling of sucking my stomach in again.  A little random, I know, but I am pregnant and hormonal, so I can be random. 

We are quickly approaching the closing date on the sale of our house (two weeks from tomorrow), and still being pregnant is allowing me to do several things, 1) sleep 2) spend extra quality time with Brooks and Bryant and 3) think about and wish I was motivated to pack my house.   Because we still have yet to secure a rental I am having a hard time getting excited about the move, but once I can picture where we are going, I will be much more excited to get a move on things.

Our midwife now says she will let me stay pregnant until the 17th (also our closing date and the day we hope to start moving), so I am going to start praying Caleb arrives well before that date so I can at least be present during the move to direct where things should go. 

We are looking at a house today and praying for favor.  It could just be the one! :) 

My trusty doula, sister in law, and professional life cataloger, Amy Jo of Lotta Love Photo took the afternoon on Monday to do a belly shoot of Caleb and me...the day I turned 39 weeks...Youza.  But, despite her subject (me) being grossly pregnant and HUGE, they are great.  She is so talented and did an amazing job taking flattering shots.  Once she gives me the go ahead, I will share a couple of them.    

Until I can write something a little more exciting...


Becss & the boys

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