Monday, January 31, 2011

The Middle Name Discussion

When I was pregnant with Brooks, Bryant and I had decided on his full name about midway through my pregnancy.  We just kept it a secret until the end.

This time around, we were given Caleb's name really early, but can't agree for the life of us on a middle name.  Yesterday we spent a lot of time and energy making a list, crossing names off, researching name meanings and...came up with another long list of possibilities.

We like the way a longer name sounds between Caleb and Ragan, such as Caleb Alexander Ragan vs. Caleb Gunnar Ragan (although I love Gunnar and it's Scandinavian origin!).

Picking a name is probably the most intimidating decision for me when it comes to having a baby.  Seems silly, I know, but a person is stuck with their name forever, unless they become stupidly famous like Madonna or Shakira.  But, I have a feeling Caleb and Brooks will be known for bigger things than dancing 3/4 naked on a stage... Things that require a full name, such as their talents on the baseball diamond or pulpit (he he he!  A mom can dream!)

If you have any good suggestions, please feel free to let me know!


Becs & the boys

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The Watsons said...

You might want to think of last names if you want a longer middle name...there are some cute ones! Thompson, Alexander, Beckham, Campbell, Henderson, Franklin...guess you could think of Presidents names, too! Ha! I love Alexander, and I know it'll be cute and HE will be precious, whatever his sweet name will be! Love you!!
PS. I used to say I wanted Gunnar SO badly for a boys name...then we went with all J's so there went that idea! :)