Monday, April 6, 2009

A Little Excitement

On Friday, Bryant and my brother, Trevor stopped by my office to join me for lunch. Before I knew it, the guys, including my boss, were placing bets that I would deliver by Sunday...and over the weekend, I thought they might just be right.

Friday night Bryant and I laid low, watched a movie and went to bed semi early. Saturday we woke up early and went to the gym. I hopped on the treadmill, and then swam for a while. Afterwards we went into Aspen and Bryant dropped me off for an appointment with my dear friend, Autumn. Around 3:30, we headed home to watch the final four (Bryant is a HUGE Carolina fan, as you can imagine). Throughout the game, I started to feel some contractions, but they weren't painful, so I got up and took the dogs for a short walk to see if I could get them to pattern out. When I got back to the house, I sat on our fit ball for a while, and sure enough, the contractions started coming at a regular pace. Bryant started writing them down and before we knew it, they had continued for nearly 4.5 hours at 3-5 minutes apart! Despite the textbook advice on calling the doctor when contractions are five minutes apart, we didn't have our hopes up, and having some experience working with laboring moms in the past, and with the constant advice of my sister-in-law/doula, we waited to see if anything progressed...and I hoped things would continue.

I eventually went to bed around 11:30, and was pretty uncomfortable all night, but nothing. Yesterday, I had a few contractions during church. I went to get my fingers and toes polished at Remede Spa, and asked the nail lady to rub my ankles (accupressure points to start labor). I had a few contractions, but only one that stopped me in my tracks.

Amy Jo met us at our house, and she and I walked about six brisk miles last night in hopes to get things going again, and again, a few contractions and...nothing. Bryant and I went to Mexican last night in hopes the spicy food would irritate things...the only thing it irritated was my heart burn.

So, I am back at work this morning...sitting on a fit ball, and praying for God's timing and not our own. I know he has our baby's birthday already planned out, and I rest in that...

For more babyville news, my friend from college, Katie had her little man on Saturday (she was one week ahead of me), and another great friend from college is going in to be induced this morning. So many babies due this month!!!

Until something else exciting happens,

Becca & Baby

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Ann Van Gilder said...

This is all very exciting, Becca! I'm not saying that you should stop and blog before you leave for the hospital, but, well, you know… I'm praying for a speedy delivery and a happy mommy and daddy! Thanks for posting all the happy moments.