Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sympathy...Am I Really That Big?!

Today I went on a walk to run some errands in town. At this point, it is impossible for me to button my winter jacket, so I usually just let my belly hang out the front and fasten the one button that reaches around my chest (barely). I have a bright red sweater and jeans on, and my jacket is camel color, so my belly might be highlighted a little.

I had so many people give me, "that poor lady" look and several random people ask me when I am due and even reach out and grab my belly. It made me realize that I am severely pregnant, to the point that people make no reservations about touching my belly or commenting on its size, which I am positive they would never do to a non pregnant person.

What a crazy season in our lives...

Until the next adventure,


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Coleson's Blog said...

haha! At the time you are at now, when I was pregnant with Coleson I had some men at a coffee shop ask if I even had time for a coffee! how rude! People forget just how big you get-you get big, naturally so-you have an at least 6 pound baby in there. :) Hang in there-it will end soon and you'll sort of wish you had a reason for the pooch (till it's gone ;) ) LOL