Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Home Sweet Sweet Sweet Home

We had a wonderful time in Charleston.
What a romantic city.
The history, the sights, the stories...the SHOPPING! It was all amazing!
It was great to see and spend quality time with family...
We even met relatives from Canada Bryant hasn't seen since he was a baby.
We played on the beach, collected shells, and let Brooks put his toes in the surf.
And, we ate...boy did we eat. I have a love hate relationship with southern food. It truly is incredible. I could easily become a glutton if I lived down south. It would take a lot of discipline not to. We had the best bbq, collards, grits, oh the grits, and seafood I have ever had...and I am from Seattle! We only had one meal I would describe as "average," and the rest were very memorable.
It was all fantastic...until I got on my scale this morning. Dun dun dun... I have a little work to do, but it was worth it. Every rib that grazed my lips, every spoonful of stone ground grits, every helping of collards...worth every single one!
Brooks was an amazing traveller! He slept on every flight to and from Charleston, he smiled at everyone he met, and was an all around good boy, despite breaking a second tooth and a horrible bout with diaper rash, he was all smiles and laughter.
I love him. I love my husband. I have the best travel team.
My favorite morning by far started around 6:30 with Brooks up and ready to play. He was flopping between Bryant and I giving us the "peoples elbow" and pulling our hair to get us out of bed. It worked. We got up in time to grab some blankets and coffee and head up to the rooftop deck and watch the sunrise over the Atlantic ocean, huddled together as a family, and we followed that with family devotions and reading up on the Christmas story in Luke and Isaiah, and completed it all with a walk on the beach.
I have so many more stories...and a lot of pictures. Once I get caught up on the laundry (three cheers for my new washer and dryer!!!) and get my house back into some order, I will spend more time posting.
Until then...Happy New Year, Friends. May your cup overflow with blessings in 2010.
B and the boys

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