Friday, December 4, 2009

Today Something Happened That has NEVER Happened Before!

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Have you ever seen an ad in the paper that said text "THIS" to XXXXXXX for your chance to win "THIS?"

Maybe not because it is pretty new marketing.

But, I saw it in an ad for the Aspen Club and Spa, where Bryant and I both used to be members before we were married with children and could use our money in irresponsible ways.

It is a nice place.
In fact, my OB office is in the Aspen Club, so I still got to go in and see my friends who work there or are fortunate enough to have a membership.

But, once my preggo visits were over, so were my visits to the Club.

Until today.
I got a text message announcing ME as the WINNER of a 1 YEAR MEMBERSHIP!!!

WHOO HOOO!!! I am clicking my heals over this one! I have signed up for probably 150+ contests in my lifetime, and have never won one...until today...that I can remember.


Yessssssssssssssssssssssss! (with a major first grade fist pump!)



PS, if there is a Lance Armstrong and/or Alex Rodriguez sighting, I will definitely tell you.

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