Friday, June 20, 2008

Pause in posting

Aspen Food and Wine (photo by Steve Mundinger)

I apologize for the delay in posting. I have had a crazy couple of weeks at work. In addition, the weather in Aspen is finally amazing, which means Bryant and I are outside as much as possible.

Food and Wine was last weekend, and we were able to join in some of the festivities! I saw all of the judges from Top Chef, almost tripped over Ivanka Trump and dined next to Bobby Flay at the Little Nell at brunch on Sunday. It is always a fun reminder of what a great town we live in when you see how many people from all walks of life spend time here.

My boss is again in Florida, so my days have been crazy trying to make sure things happen here while he is away. We had the summer tour of homes for valley brokers over the course of this week. I hosted several open houses and met hundreds of local brokers.

So, until I have a chance to catch my breath, I hope you are enjoying the first few weeks of great weather and the last few days of spring!

Peace and chow, (a great pre-meal praise I learned while at Outward Bound)


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