Monday, October 6, 2008

How Great is Our God!

Bryant and I had a really nice weekend around the house. Friday night we went out to dinner in Carbondale with Trevor and Amy, and on the way home, we stopped by their new house to see where they are moving next weekend. It is a really nice area above El Jebel, about 20 minutes down valley from Aspen. They have incredible views and a nice home. We are really excited for them.

Saturday we went into Aspen, had lunch with the owners of the Ski Haus, and Bryant went to the gym. While he was working out, I went to tour the new OB unit at the hospital with my good friend, Emily who is 20 weeks pregnant, and just found out they are having a BOY! Saturday evening I headed to Glenwood solo to go on a much needed Target run. On my way I stopped in to see our good friend, Jackie and meet her sweet little baby, Alexa. She was born 2.5 months early, but is now home after spending quite a bit of time in the hospital in Denver.

Yesterday I went to a baby shower for a friend who is having a little boy and is due mid November. Baby showers always warm my heart, not only because I love being around excited new moms, but because I really appreciate when women gather together to support another woman. If you have read the book, The Red Tent, you will understand what I mean. More often than not, the amazing tradition of woman surrounding each other in support is lost in our hectic and crazy world, which makes me appreciate these experiences more and more.

Sunday afternoon I hiked Smuggler Mine with Mali while Bryant rode his mountain bike on the Smuggler/Hunter Creek Loop and again, stood in awe at the top as I soaked in the incredible view from Independence Pass to Mt. Sopris.

But despite all of that excitement, the highlight of the weekend was church last night. Bryant and I have been intending on trying our Sunday evening service for quite a while, but last night, we finally made it happen. Much to our surprise they were showing a movie that many people have told us we should watch. Pastor Louie Giglio is featured in two movies that piggy back each other. Last night we saw, "Dare to Dream: Indescribable," which is sort of the prequel to "How Great is our God." We were blown away by the message and in absolute awe of how great our God truly is and how small we, and our petty problems truly are. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly recommend it.

Our weekend experience was perfectly culminated this morning as I drove to work over McClain Flats. I looked over at Snowmass and the Rocky Mountain peaks behind it and saw an amazing scene of orange and yellow leaves capped in snow at the peaks. Our God truly is great...and we feel so blessed to live in an area where we get to enjoy the beauty of his greatness on a regular basis.

Love and Blessings,

Becca and Bryant

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