Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Heartbeats and Other Wild Things That Come Along With Pregnancy

Today we are exactly 14.5 weeks. My pooch is protruding out past my belt line and it is a little hard to get used to. I have 2 pair of pre-preggo jeans I can still wear so long as I fasten them with a rubberband, but have started pulling out the maternity hand me downs this week.

Monday we had a great check up and heard our munchkin's heartbeat. It was 150, which is exactly average according to Dr. Knight. Our next appointment isn't until December 4th, and we are scheduled to have the "big" ultrasound. Hopefully baby Ragan will cooperate and spread their legs so we can tell the flavor.:)

This has been such a wild and fun ride so far. I can't begin to imagine what we have in store. I am pretty much over the nausea I had in the 1st trimester, but am now unable to fall asleep at night and wake up absolutely exhausted in the mornings. For a woman who loves her 8 hours and can't currenly recoop with a cup of coffee, this has been a struggle, but worth it in the end, I am positive.

Aspen has slowly lolled into off season, and things are pretty low key at work and home, and we are loving it.

The vacation calender is out and ready to be filled, so let us know if you want to come on a ski vacation to Aspen this winter. We have a guest room with a great view, at least through April.

Until the next adventure...

B,B & Baby


Katie said...

Oh boy, Oh boy, I'm excited to see what you're having! You know you can get a bella band at Penny's or Motherhood. It goes over your pre-preggo pants and you can keep them unbuttoned. Good for during and right after pregnancy :) Also, I have pregnancy insomnia too. Great for getting lots of e-mail done, crappy the next morning!

ann said...

Ugh! I totally remember the preggo insomnia. Just wait until it's insomnia + heartburn. Oh joy!

Totally worth it! Danny is all smiles and spit up as I type. :-)