Wednesday, January 7, 2009

25 Weeks = Lung Development and Viability

Our lives have been pretty crazy since the holidays. We are trying to get our office/paperwork/taxes all organized before we move the house around and start of the baby's room, since we will be eliminating our office and making it the guest room, which will become the baby's room.

We have managed to get in a few great days of skiing. The powder has been great this year, and perfect for pregnancy skiing. Bryant commented on Sunday that I am skiing the powder and bumps more gracefully than he remembers. It is funny what slowing down and not skiing like a maniac can do! :)

We had a check up last Friday, and everything is measuring right on track and my blood sugars all tested normal. Our next appointment is January 28th with our midwife, Nancy. I feel really great and totally blessed to be mobile and active so far.

This week our little man is continuing to develop his lungs and respiratory system. He should open his eyes for the first time this week, too. Now that he is fully formed, he is refining his movements, growing like a weed and continuing to develop his major systems. He weighs close to two pounds and is about nine inches long (crown to rump). We can't wait to meet him!

Until the Next Adventure,

B,B,B & B

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