Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Card

Today is New Years Eve and much like last year, I have put a roast in the slow cooker, and we will probably spend our evening catching up on our Netflix and relaxing on the couch. Ideal. We call New Years Eve rookie night in Aspen. Town is a crazy show on New Years Eve, and in fact, Byrant and I were at the same party 3 years ago, but due to the crowd and circumstances outside of our control, we didn't meet. He didn't believe me when I told him I was there, until I showed him a picture I have from the party of me with a group of girlfriends and him in the background! Ha! Cover charges for parties range from $100-$1000 per person, and this preggo isn't going to shell out that kind of cash to watch a slew of drunk crazies get into trouble! :)

My boss again so generously gave me the afternoon off today, which means the girls from the office and I are going to take a few runs on Aspen Mountain this afternoon. It is absolutely gorgeous here again today, but more snow is in the forecast for this weekend. This is the first winter season of my life that I am not totally excited about the insane amount of snow we are getting. Although I have been able to enjoy some great powder runs this year, it is nothing like my usual powder hound seasons. Thank the Lord that last year was completely epic and record breaking and we took total advantage of every powder day we could.

Here is a picture of our Christmas card this year, in case yours got lost in the mail! :) I got them out apologies!

Happy New Year to you!


Becca, Bryant, Baby and Burger

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