Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Memory Lane: I found out I was pregnant two days before we hiked to Crested Butte last August!

Today Bryant and I had another check up at the doctor's office. It was pretty routine, but we did get some positive feedback on our progress. I wasn't checked for dilation, but the doctor did say LB is sitting a lot lower (yippy!). My blood pressure is a little high, but not quite in the danger zone, so they are going to be keeping an eye on that, too. I have also had a few other signs of early labor...which could mean today or in 3 weeks. Wait, wait, wait.

Our bags are all packed up and ready to go. We are just praying daily for God's timing and for a quick and tolerable labor.

Thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers. We are so close! We have another appointment next Wednesday with the midwife... if we make it that long! :)

As always, I will update the blog with any news from babyville!


Becca, Bryant and Baby

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