Sunday, September 6, 2009


Our bed for the night...complete with our pillows, blankets, and a down comfy...ahhhhhh

The Kids

Emily and Rocco
The Spread: Pork chops, fresh trout, grilled asparagus, and peppers. I'm telling you, we don't mess around!

Just before Brooks fell asleep...

We took a short overnight trip to visit the Garaffa's who were camping for the weekend up at Ruedi Reservoir.

We had many greats...great friends, great weather, great food, and a great bed. That's right. When the baby is in tow, we don't camp, we glamp.

We have an aerobed, sheets, and even our down comforter.

Gone are the days of the mummy sack and sleeping on a jacket as a least for now.


Becs & The Boys

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