Monday, September 28, 2009

Happy Canning

I got a call from a friend at church.

He told me I could order boxes of organic apples from Paonia (a small farming town in a nearby valley) for $15/box.

Being an apple fan from Washington, I jumped at the opportunity...and took it upon myself to order a box for Amy Jo, too.

One of my favorite past times with my Grandma McClure is canning fresh produce in her kitchen. Amy Jo and I thought this would be a great chance for us to make fun memories with her girls.

Karsyn and Kyla were awesome helpers, and Khloe and Tait joined in occasionally to help with an apple or two.

In total we canned 22 quarts of apple pie filling, 2 trays of baby food, made 2 fresh pies for the return of our happy hunters, and ate several apples with the kids along the way.

Being new to canning, it took us until 1:30am on Saturday and a few hours on Sunday to finish our task. We are hoping it will be a faster process next year, now that we are experts.

Needless to say, we were a little rummy by the time we went to bed Saturday, and we didn't even drink any rum...although, maybe we should have.

The pies were a huge hit with the hunters, who unfortunately did not return home with (elk) antlers in the back of their truck...but we took them in and fed them anyway.

Good thing rifle season starts next week. :)

Helping Hands
Making the pies at 1:30am...a little rummy

The product of being barefoot (and not pregnant) in the kitchen for 12 hours
ahhhhhhh...we are finished!

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