Monday, November 3, 2008

Nesting...and Purging

This weekend we decided to clean out some of our closets (literally) that have been filled to the brim with boxes since we bought our house, almost 2 years ago. My mom has been shipping me random boxes over the past 2 years of everything from my old barbie collection, to my high school cheerleading outfits. They have slowly piled up and consumed what little storage space we have in our house. I had no problem throwing away Bryant's old things, love notes, pictures etc, and I thought it would be easy for me to go through my boxes and purge, but on the contrary, I wanted to keep almost everything. It was a good decision on Bryant's part to stay outside at the storage unit and babysit my efforts, or I wouldn't have accomplished anything. In the end, I am down to 1 large box of "memory" items I can bring out and show my kiddos until they roll their eyes in boredom. Going through the boxes and looking at old school newspapers from both high school and college, reading cards from friends, looking through old pictures brought back a flood of memories and I am really glad we made the effort to do it. I am so thankful for everyone of the memories and the people who I was able to experience them with.

As for baby news, there isn't much to update this week. The only thing changing right now is my waste line, which is slowly disappearing. I am hoping to feel the little bean in the next couple of weeks.

All the best to you,

Becca, Bryant, & Baby Ragan

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Ann Van Gilder said...

Hey Becca,
Had to comment with my congratulations on your coming son/daughter! You will be a great mom! I'm sure you kept at least one of those cheerleading outfits so your little girls will have something to wear on Decade Day during Spirit Week! And don't get rid of those old yearbooks! Mrs. VG