Friday, March 13, 2009

34 Weeks...Counting Down the Days

We are officially 34 weeks now and things are still going well. I am definitely getting more and more uncomfortable physically, but the anticipation of meeting our little man is making all of the pain and discomfort worth it. The other night when I woke up at 1:45 for another bathroom break, I stopped in my tracks and visualized myself scooping up little LB and feeding him. Thoughts of waking up to the sounds of his little noises, and soothing him with a snack made me smile, even in the depths of my drowsiness.

Bryant and I put together the diaper changer/dresser last night... I should say, he put it together and I held the screws as I sat in my glider. :) We are really starting to wrap our heads around being parents and welcoming our little man into our family. I find myself analyzing all of the little boys I see from infants to toddlers to kiddos, wondering what our little boy will be like at various ages. I can't wait to watch him and Bryant walk hand in hand down the sidewalk. I can't wait to hear insatiable giggles and we zerbit his tummy and smooch the bottoms of his feet. I am totally excited to experience the special love between a boy and his mom.

Only a few more weeks...

Becca, Bryant, Baby, and Mali Burger


Baby Paddock said...

I rememeber those last few weeks like it was yesterday, I think I was up 3-4 times a night for bathroom breaks. Soon enough you will have that sweet baby boy in your arms, a priceless moment for sure! I love you "belly" pictures!

Coleson's Blog said...

Oh and it IS lovely to see your husband and son walking hand in hand. Sweet moments. There isnt much else better than those moments.

But, enjoy the time the two of you have now. Things will change, of course for the better but they will change nonetheless. Enjoy coffee at odd times, eating out and anything else that you may take for granted now. Baby can fall into your lifestyle but it will never be just the two of you again (how wonderful!!!)I hope you have a great time finishing up preparing. Be ready to be in love in a new way, it's the best. I cant wait to hear the news!