Thursday, March 26, 2009

36 Weeks...and No Change

A reminder of where we started (about 17 weeks along, I think)

We had another check up today. The good news is that everything still looks great. The baby is still growing at a good rate, my blood pressure is fine and everything else looked fine, fine, fine. I am still a 1, which is not unusual, but I was secretly hoping to have progressed more (as I am sure most women are at this point). Bryant and I are working on our pre baby arrival punch list, and feel really ready to meet our little guy.

As always, he continues to move and shake in my belly. Sleeping has become sparse, not because of the earlier problems of not being tired, but due to being terribly uncomfortable no matter which side I am laying on. I need one of those old school lazy boy recliners for the next few weeks! :)

According to our doctor, Aspen has become babyville over the last week. The drastic change in the barometric pressure (the weather changing from extreme spring to extreme winter) has thrown a lot of women into labor. In fact, they have had 11 deliveries in the last seven days, which is a lot for this hospital.

I am fairly confident that I have a few solid weeks left of pregnancy, but should anything happen, I will do my best to keep the blog updated.

All the best,

Becca, Bryant, Baby and Burger


Coleson's Blog said...

isnt it fun to look back at the once thought of "belly" :) It's amazing how the body changes in just short months!

Rebecca Ragan said...

Even funnier is that I was totally sticking my stomach out in this picture to make it look like I was showing for our Christmas cards! Ha! Those were the days! :)

Katie said...

Almost there....
My mom actually slept in a lazyboy at the end of her first pregnancy. They really do sound nice, instead of having to basically pick your belly up to move from side to side :) Best hopes for lots of progression for both of us this week!

Coleson's Blog said...

ha! too funny...oh yes, those were the day :) hehe. I enter the third trimester this week-so feeling it as I was trying to figure out something to wear for church tomorrow! :P Missing the little bump...ahhhh!!!