Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Walking the Halls

Last night was our final childbirth prep class held at the hospital. We both passed the class, but Bryant claims he received a higher score. :) We met with a local pediatrician and toured the OB floor. Bryant and I have both spent time on the floor, but being so close to our own delivery, we saw it with a new pair of eyes. As our instructor was walking the class through the details of a birthing room, I heard a brand new baby crying in the nursery and found myself tearing up. I can't believe we are going have one of our very own in the near future.

I am 36 weeks tomorrow. As I have mentioned in past posts, this is a milestone in Aspen because once you hit 36 weeks, the threat of landing on a jet to Denver or Grand Junction is greatly reduced. The peace of knowing we have a green light to deliver in the local hospital from now on is so comforting.

Lately, thoughts of labor and delivery have been consuming my mind. We are planning on doing everything naturally, without any drugs if at all possible. There are so many unknowns and I started to let my fear and anxiety get the best of me...however, we had dinner with some friends from church on Saturday, and one of the couples, who are about to be new parents for the third time reminded both Bryant and I that fear and anxiety are not from the Lord. So, I have claimed that for our delivery. I have faith that the Lord has blessed both my body, and our baby with the ability to persevere through the delivery. We can do this. Any thoughts based on fear or anxiety over the delivery are quickly smushed down as I remember what I was built to do. We can do this. I pray every day, often several times a day for a quick and tolerable labor (thank you Amy Jo for the idea).

We are so ready to meet our little one. There are just a few little things to take care of, such as detailing the cars, and putting in the car seat, meeting with local pediatricians, etc. All things that we have scheduled for this week.

This is now a game of hurry up and wait. Tomorrow I start taking an herb recommended by my midwife called 5w. It is supposed to help my body prep for labor. I am so excited about the next few weeks, and will keep updating the blog with any news from babyville.

All the best,

Becca, Bryant, Baby and Burger

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Coleson's Blog said...

The fear of the unkown can surely makes things scary-birthing a baby is an absolute amazing feat! But it is not one that is unattainable with Christ. The Lord designed our bodies to do this and you can rest assured He has your birth all planned out and already knows the outcome. Rest in Him! If things should go unplanned He has paved a way in the medical world for that very reason. The end result of a healthy and happy baby and mama is the goal and I am certain this will be your outcome. ... Dont be anxious for nothing... I'll be saying prayers for you in the coming weeks that little guy will make his arrival in a quick and smooth fashion.

It's defiantly a different feeling when it's YOUR turn!!!