Friday, June 26, 2009

Lock up Your Daughters




I had to take a few pictures of Brooks today because I think he looks so adorable (I think this every day, but today is exceptional! :)) Bryant and I bought the Ferrari Pumas in Italy on our honeymoon for Tait, and I am so glad they were passed down to us!

Brooks is getting ready for nappy time in the back room. He always busts out his best smile when I am leaving the room, which melts my heart, so I usually hang out for a few minutes and get a few more grins out of him.

I am so in love with this boy.

The B's
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Coleson's Blog said...

cute. Dont you just love the "grandpa pants" all the way to the chest :)

jenn said...

oh. my. goodness... has anyone told you how ADORABLE your son is? Seriously so cute! Olaf wants to meet him someday!