Friday, June 12, 2009

More Milestones and an Update

The last seven weeks have been such a whirlwind since the baby arrived, when I reflect back, it seems like he was born only last week. We have had company off and on since his arrival, I am now on my second week back to work, and Bryant has some new exciting projects to focus on over the next several weeks. We are really starting to wrap our arms around more of a schedule (which I know will change from day to day depending on Brooks), and can get all three of us out the door, showered, changed and fed in about 1.5 hours (that is down from at least 3.5 when I first came home from the hospital)!

After a literally sleepless night with Brooks on Sunday, I called the doctor to try to figure out some sort of last ditch solution to reduce the amount of mucus he had every night as it seemed to be getting worse, not any better. She suggested I try to eliminate dairy from my diet for a week and see if it helps. Well, to our delight, it only took 1 night to see the results. From the first night of no dairy until now (we are now three nights into it) he has had one stretch of at least 6 hours of sleep! What a huge blessing after the last 6.5 weeks of getting up with him every 2.5 hours to feed, burp, put in drops, snork, and change him (which would take at least 30 minutes each time). We feel so refreshed despite all three of us recovering from a major head cold that hit us hard early this week (see next blog about mommy lessons).

Bryant's mom arrived May 28th and left us yesterday. We had a wonderful time with her and she enjoyed Brooks so much that I don't think his head laid on anything but her arms when he was home with her. I was a little afraid he would get used to the comfy arms of his Nanny so much that he wouldn't want to nap on his own when I am at the office, but today, we had another milestone. I put him down in the pack and play in the studio connected to our office wide awake and turned on my handy video monitor. I watched him wiggle and coo for about 5 minutes. He let out one holler, and fell right to sleep... on his own! What a great baby! I am so proud of him!

We are not sure what to do with ourselves this weekend without any company at the house. :) We truly enjoyed everyone who came to visit over the last seven weeks... my mom, Sarah, Kelly and Bryant's mom... We already miss you!

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