Friday, June 19, 2009

Poor Baby...Sookey Mommy...

Today little Brooks had his two month check up. Everything checked out perfectly. He is 80% for head, height, weight and length, which is great! He is also very strong for his age, too. At the end of the check up with Dr. Nelson, Brooks ate while we waited for the nurses to come in and give him his vaccinations. We decided to only do 3 of the 6 vaccinations they recommend for the 2 month appointment.

The first one they administered was an oral shot for pertussis (whooping cough, which flies through Aspen every year), after they got half of the dose into this mouth, he projectile vomited all over the nurse. Oops. They said he only has to swallow half of the dose for it to be effective, so we are still ok. It was pretty funny to watch though. We also did shots for baby meningitis and the rotavirus (which is similar to the flu).

Bryant and I were really torn over whether or not to vaccinate Brooks, as many parents are, but we also feel that we live in a community where people frequently bring in diseases and germs from all over the globe. So, after an open and long discussion with our ped, Dr. Nelson, we decided to only do the essential vaccinations at each appointment, and as long as he is pretty well caught up by the start of kindergarten, we are ok. We will definitely be waiting on the MMR as long as possible as we have heard first hand accounts of kiddos who have had effects after being vaccinated.

Of course when the nurses stuck our boy with the shots (simultaneously on both legs), he wailed louder than I have ever heard him before...and I quickly picked him up and balled too. It breaks my heart to have a sad little boy, but at the same time I am so happy that I can swoop him up and save the day. He cried for about five minutes just to let us know he was mad, and then he was back to his happy little self.

I just gave him a 1/2 dose of Tylenol and he is sleeping away next to my desk.

Town is crazy this weekend with both Food and Wine and Jazz Aspen in town. I love the energy from all of the people roaming the streets! Also, the farmer's markets start this weekend in both Aspen and Basalt, and I am so excited for fresh produce and yummy treats!

Happy Summer Solstice everyone! Where has the time gone?!


Becca, Bryant, Brooks and Burger

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