Monday, June 22, 2009

What a Weekend!


Friday night we met up with the Everett's and went to dinner at L'Hostaria, which is a great Italian restaurant in Aspen. It was a perfect summer evening, and despite it being Food and Wine, and having no reservation, we were able to eat outside on the patio. The two boys (Tait and Brooks), were on their best behavior for the entire meal. Afterward, we strolled around town and watched the aftermath of the first day of Food and Wine. I ran into a group of my old colleagues from Gallo, and it was great to see them and catch up for a few minutes.

Saturday, Trevor and Bryant rode up to Ashcroft while Amy Jo and I walked around the farmers market and again, observed the aftermath of the first grand tasting on Saturday. It is always interesting to watch thousands of adults on their not so best behavior wondering through our tiny little town. We all met up when the guys finished their ride and enjoyed a Mexican lunch at Cantina. After a three hour nap for me at the baby, we met up with Trev and Amy again and had a great dinner on their back deck, which has an incredible view of Mt. Sopris and the surrounding mountains.

Sunday was Bryant's day, so the entire day, he got to choose to do whatever he wanted. We woke up around 9:30, and stayed in our pjs until about 11:00. Then we decided to go on a family bike ride to Basalt (about 25 miles round trip) and get some lunch. The gals from my office went in together and got us the Mercedes of the chariot line, and we finally got it all set up. It was perfect. I ordered an infant sling so Brooks could us the trailer sooner than a year old. He was so comfy in his little seat and didn't make a peep the entire ride! I would ride along side them to check on him and he was either asleep or wide awake and just taking in the scenery. It was adorable!

That evening we took the baby to the Snowmass Rec Center and he went on his first swim. It was great! He loved it! I swear we could do anything to Brooks and he would be along for the ride. He was so content to let his daddy swim him around the pool, just looking around and enjoying the float!

When we got home, I made Bryant stuffed chicken with shitake mushrooms, leeks, garlic, and Gorgonzola. I made the recipe up in my head and had never made stuffed chicken before, but it was actually really yummy!

Bryant said it was the perfect father's day, which made me very proud! :)
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