Monday, October 12, 2009

Family Weekend

This weekend we spent a lot of time together as a family. Saturday we took Brooks swimming at the Snowmass Rec center. After about an hour of bobbing around the pool, we grabbed our hiking gear and met the Everett's at the Capital Peak trail head and attempted to hike, but got weathered out...according to Khloe, the wind was "Rahring" like crazy and almost blew us off the mountain. (this is what she told a group of hikers as they finished up their hike).

We drove to the end of the road and found an incredible view of the mountains we see every day, but from much further away. To view pictures use the link in the list on the right.

Sunday was church, a quick trip to Glenwood to look at cars (minus the salesmen), and then dinner with friends we haven't seen in months.

Tonight we have our family photo an undisclosed but super cool location. I am praying the weather holds out, and that we are photogenic...
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The Watson's said...

That picture is TOO CUTE! LOVE IT!!! Give him kisses from KC way down here! And the boys send big hi-5's! :)