Monday, February 16, 2009

30.5 Weeks...9.5 To Go!


Per the request of my dear friend Kim, I have uploaded this picture of my big ol' belly. Please disregard the messy hotel room in the background and super poor quality of the picture! We were on our babymoon in Denver and I snagged the opportunity to take the picture as I was walking out the door to the gym. Bryant was already working out.

I am feeling really great, but starting to feel the weight of the baby on my lower back and hips, especially at night. Sleep is still not solid, but I see this as God prepping us for little man's arrival!

We had a great time in Denver and found some super cute outfits for baby Ragan. My favorites is from Gymboree. It has little monsters on it and says "Mommy's Little Monster" on the front. Per my sister in law, Amy Jo's suggestion, we also bought the matching hat/sock/blanket, and a matching outfit in 3-6 months. Overboard? Maybe a little, but it sure is cute!

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers! We are counting down to meeting our little rascal.


Bryant, Becca, Baby and Big Sis, Mali B
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ann said...

That belly is gorgeous! You look lovely, Becs. The time is flying by, hun?

Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

Even in a blurry picture in a messy hotel room with workout clothes on, you are STILL gorgeous!! Not everyone can boast that, ya know!? :) Ha! I love you to death! So wish we lived closer! It's been TOO LONG!!

Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

Oh! And PS. I can't wait to see more pictures soon! Hint Hint. :)