Friday, February 27, 2009

Baby Ragan is 32 Weeks Old!

Today we had another perfect appointment! We are so excited to meet Little Ragan in a few weeks. The nurse said everything looks perfect. She checked his heart, brain, kidneys, and much more. By the way, she confirmed, he is still, and definitely a boy! :) He was practicing his breathing which Beth said is a sign of well being in the womb, and was so cute to see. His little tongue was moving to push the fluids around in his mouth.

He has kissable lips and toes, but I am maybe a little biased, being his mommy and all.

His size is in the 77th percentile, which is a little shocking, but more reason to keep April 9th in my head as the day we hope to go into labor. Although it is 2 weeks early, it is still considered full term, and it is a full moon, which throws a lot of women into labor because of the gravitational pull on the amniotic fluids (cool, huh?).

We will keep you posted on any news or updates from Raganville, in the mean time, thank you for your continued thoughts and prayers as we await the arrival of little Ragan!


Becca, Bryant, Baby and Mali Burger

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Coleson's Blog said...

Ooo, I hope the "luck" works for you with the full moon, I wasnt that lucky! I was hoping though! 3 days late isnt bad though, I'll take it for the great labor! :) Cute shots of the little guy! Looking forward to pics of the nursery!