Friday, February 20, 2009

31 Weeks!


This week has been pretty defining so far in the pregnancy. It is the very first week (with the exception of a couple in the very first trimester), that I am starting to feel some aches,pains and exhaustion of pregnancy. Bryant and I are still going to the Snowmass Rec Center to workout and, most importantly, bob in the pool. I have been feeling the urge to nest a lot lately, but since my baby shower isn't until March 7th, there isn't much nesting to be done until then. I have washed up all of the baby clothes we got from the Everett's and am starting to organize it.

Trevor and Amy Jo are coming over next weekend to help us move furniture around and at least empty the nursery so we can clean the carpets, paint and change the lighting.

We landed on a theme and found bedding we love for the nursery. It is called "short latte" by Bananafish. We are going with a very mild "Where the Wild Things Are" theme. I made the art for the walls several weeks ago, and can't wait to see how it all comes together.

I will be in real estate classes from 8:30-5:30 Saturday and Sunday this weekend, and am really hoping I re-learn enough to pass my real estate exams in the next couple of weeks.

The next few weeks are really crazy with work and trying to fit in dinners with friends before the baby comes in April. We are down to 62 days, but who is counting! Baby is moving like CRAZY this week. I actually saw his buns sticking out at the base of my ribs and then knees and elbows were shooting out in all directions. It is fun to see and experience, but a little creepy at the same time. We sure can't wait to meet the little bugger!

All the best,

Becca, Bryant and Baby
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Kim, Aaron, Jake and Jack said...

BEAUTIFUL! You are as gorgeous as ever. I hope the next few weeks go by smoothly. I look forward to seeing more pics...and before of that sweet baby boy! Love you!

Ann Van Gilder said...

You look terrific. I'm so excited for you! Such fun awaits! Would you send me your mailing address? Thanks.

Coleson's Blog said...

You look great! Yes, the aches and pains come along but in no time they will disappear immediately with birth!(of course that has it's own set, too ;) ) But it's simply amazing how all of a sudden there is no heart burn and you can touch your toes with ease...!
How fun to start preparing your home.... just over 60 days, wow! He'll be here before you know it. I cant wait! (as I am sure you cant either!) Post those nursery pics! :)