Monday, February 16, 2009

Here I Come a Waddling...

In Denver this weekend, I realized just how little stamina I have these days when I could only walk the Cherry Creek Mall for about 3 hours before I thought I would fall flat of my face. Bryant and I walked into Nordstrom, he looked at me, and said "you are spent, aren't you." I was really trying to save face, so we could continue browsing my favorite store, but I knew I wasn't going to make the cut. We spent about 15 minutes in Nords, both bought new running shoes (not that I am running much these days), and headed back to the hotel room. We put our pj's on and rented a couple movies. After the first one, I stood up to get some water and about fell over due to the pain in my sciatic nerve (deep in the glute muscle). So, the rest of the weekend, we took it pretty easy. We went to the gym Sunday morning and I walked on the treadmill, but I am definitely done pushing it until the baby comes. The waddle/walk is common most afternoons, and I just imagine the people staring at me as I walk around this uber athletic and fit town... Only 66 days until D-Day!


Coleson's Blog said...

haha! Hang in there. Most get the wonderful waddle about this time. It's adorable and a staple of pregnancy. :)and your newest bump picture looks great-he looks like he is setting pretty high?

Katie said...

Ya, we're getting there aren't we! Ya, I'm off to Hawaii to get John in 4 days and I think I will waddle the island and feel like a beached whale on the beach! Not exactly what I had pictured months ago, but oh well.

Actually I've been having some cramping, so I'm trying to stay down all together right now. I canceled everything on my calender untill our plane make sure I at least make it to Hawaii.

You look great! Can't wait to see pics of your little guy!