Thursday, February 5, 2009

Squeeze Me!


My husband's family has this adorable fetish with affectionately squeezing each other. When Bryant and I first started dating, I thought I was going to have bruises from all of the love squeezes...then I met his family! Mali and I have had to grow thick skin to handle all of the squeezing that comes along with being a Ragan. Baby Ragan will have to do the same, too, as he has millions of squeezes ahead of him.

Today I was on my way to have lunch with Bryant and saw this onesie in the window of the Gap and had to buy it for little Ragan. It appropriately says "squeeze me" on the front. As if he will have to ask! I can't wait to take a picture of him wearing the onesie and send it to his Grandma Ragan and Aunt Kellie!
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Coleson's Blog said...

AW, adorable! He better be ready...being a squishy baby means LOTS of squeezes!!!