Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bad Blogger...

Photo by Joe Venus


My sincere apologies for leaving your hIGH and dRY as of late.

pERSONALLY, I am working (SpIrItUaLlY, physically, & eMoTiOnAlLy) tHrOuGh a LOT of things, AND...

wILL Fill you in on this WiLd rIdE wHEn these 8 SeCoNdS are oVeR... case your cURIOSITy is PEAKED...i.t.i.s.a.l.l.g.o.o.d.



Anonymous said...

Dear Becca & Bryant,

I haven't seen Bryant in 25 years, but I was very happy to discover you both on the web. Our paths diverged under rather unhappy circumstances in North Carolina that, fortunately, had nothing to do with our personal relationship.

Your wedding pictures are wonderful and I'm absolutely delighted that you're parents now. My wife, Jasmin and I have a 4-year old daughter and everyday with her is a sheer delight.

If you are interested in getting in touch, my email address is If not, please also let me know via email. ;-)

Bryant's long-lost half German half-brother,


Kim W. said...

Well, at least you've admitted it! ;) Just kidding. I've missed your blogging, but I know you are very busy! With #3 on the way soon, I don't know when I am EVER going to have much computer time, as if there's a whole lot of it now! Ha! Hope yall are great. Off to put the middle child to bed! ;) Then maybe it's my nap time! Love you! Can't wait to hear what yall have been up to!