Monday, August 31, 2009

Hiking Grizzly Lake

Trying to get Mali to behave for the picture
My favorites, Bryant, Brooks and Mali at Grizzly Lake

Several weeks ago, Bryant and I took Brooks on his first "BIG" hike, and Bryant's colleague, Art joined us as well. The six mile long road into the trail head was incredibly bUmPy, but worth the ride. The weather was absolutely perfect...sunny with a slight breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. Bryant carried Brooks in the Bjorn, and they both did awesome!

One of the parenting challenges we have had this summer is with sunscreen. All of the books, fellow mommies and our pediatrician warn against using sunscreen of any kind until after the baby is six months old, but we live in an incredibly sun intense area. Despite the advice, we crumbled and put a small amount of Aveeno on his arms and nose before we went on this hike as we knew the exposure would be pretty l o n g. We ended up also covering him with the hooter hider for most of the hike as well.

Brooks was such a trooper and as is typical for him, he only gave a little f u s s when he was hungry.

The hike was gorgeous! The lake was full of trout rIsInG.

Everyone who walked passed Bryant was so shocked and excited to see the baby on such a hike. We even passed a pediatrician who was giving us high fives for getting him out so young! She was very excited!

Needless to say, the hike was a huge success, and we will be taking our little guy out again soon, especially since the colors have started changing, and our gorgeous fall is right around the corner.



PS, For those of you who hike or play in bug infested areas, we heard that lavender scented dryer sheets are a "natural" repellent...and it WoRkS!!! (that is why I look like minney mouse in the top picture! :))

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