Monday, August 31, 2009

Catching up on Yummy Pics of Brooks

He fell asleep watching us get ready for work

Taking advantage of momma-cuddles...and yes, that is spit up down the back of my jacket

These are momma's favorite pj's right now...for good reason!

He got the good morning bug, and always wakes up with a huge is contagious!

I have been a horrible blogger lately, so here are a few pics of our little guy over the last couple weeks! I can't believe he isn't sitting next to me at work right now...but I will save that story for another blog. He is such a big boy now, and still as smiley and joyful as ever. We have jumped into the wild world of teething, which brings a random bout of fuzziness on occasion, but he is weathering the storm extremely well for now!

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Kim W. said... those really are some of the cutest pjs I've seen! ADORABLE! And I'm sure it helps that they are on such a precious baby boy! :)