Thursday, August 20, 2009

Brooks had another big day!

Tait giving Brooks a "Taiter." This is the first time we witnessed them truly interacting. So Cute!

Yesterday Brooks had his four month check up, and again, he blew the statistics out of the water. For his height and weight, he is in the 75th percentile, and for his head...88th percentile. Whoa! For those of you who know my side of the family well, you know we have notoriously large noggins. He may look like his daddy, but that is proof there is some Everett in him too!

Our assignment is to start him on solids this week...Rice cereal and thicker diapers here we come!

pRAISE the LorD for a HAPPY & HeAlThY baby BoYsKi!




Baby Paddock said...

Tagney's head has been off the charts ever since he was born! He gets that from Daddy! Cute pic of Tate and Brooks! Tate is getting so big!

Baby Paddock said...

Wow can't believe I spelt TAIT's name wrong!!! In my defense, my girlfriend Kristal had a little boy and named him Tate...sorry Amy Jo! :)