Monday, August 31, 2009

Rice Cereal is for Big Boys!

Big boy in his new highchair
Although you can't see it, he is COVERED in cereal The aftermath...a smiling baby with a full tank

I almost forgot to mention that when we were at our 4 month well check, our ped gave us the green light to start Brooks on rice cereal! He LOVES it, and despite wearing 1/2 of it on his onesie after the feedings, he is really good with the spoon (even though he loathes anything plastic we try to give him, including a bottle and binky), and daddy is a natural at feeding him, too.


Kim W. said...

That last picture of him smiling away is OH SO CUTE! Goodness, I could just eat him up!!! Wish we lived closer... :(

Susan Petersen said...

oh, he is cute. what a big boy!