Thursday, January 21, 2010

Updated: Mercy and Sharing Co founder, Susie Made Another Appearance on CNN

Update on Mercy and Sharing: Susie Krabacher, co founder of Mercy and Sharing was on the Campbell Brown show on CNN again last night (Thursday) with another update on their progress in Haiti...I will post a link as soon as it is available on their site.

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photo courtesy of Mercy and Sharing
Temporary medical beds set up in the streets

We don't have cable at home.

But I am in front of a computer all day covering at the office.

So, I swallowed my resistance and started reading and looking at photos of Haiti.


Joe and Susie Krabacher are Aspen locals who go to our church, Crossroads. They have been working with the people of Haiti for over a decade through their organziation, Mercy and Sharing. They have orphanages, clinics and feeding programs set up throughout the country to help those in need...and now the need is greater than ever.

100% of every dime donated to their organization, Mercy and Sharing goes to assist the people of Haiti as the overhead for their foundation is paid by the Krabacher's and their board members.


Even if you do not have the means to help them financially, please keep them in your prayers. Susie is on the ground in Haiti and promises not to leave until she finds the children who have been missing since the earthquake.

She was on CNN yesterday (January 20, 2010). You can view the interview using this link:

You can follower her updates on Twitter and Facebook as well.


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