Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Shows you how close we are! I put Prairie Woman instead of Pioneer. Silly me! For some reason, I had prairies on my mind.
She just doesn't know it yet...or know me, for that matter.
She is creative, and spunky, and she is living a life sort of opposite of me.
She is a city girl who married a cowboy.
She can cook, oh can she cook!
Her name is, Ree...and she is the Pioneer Woman.
Do you want to get to know her too?
All you have to do is visit The Pioneer Woman


Coleson's Blog said...

are you thinking of the Pioneer Woman?? love her and been making her meals for awhile now and got her cookbook for Christmas, love it. yes, she is a great friend ;)

ann said...

psst... the URL should point to

Rebecca Ragan said...

Thanks gals, read the next post and you will see why I am losing my mind... :)


The Watson's said...

Have her cookbook, read her blog, LOVE her! And I tell ya what, being married to a cowboy is GOOD STUFF! I love mine! ;)