Friday, January 29, 2010

Splish Splash!

Brooks is fascinated with the bath/shower. If we are filling the tub for him, he gets so excited for his bath...

And if either of us are in the shower, he will stand at the bath the entire time, water spraying his face and hair and try to get in with us.

It is pretty cute.

He is pretty cute. He must take after his daddy.


Proud Mama


Coleson's Blog said...

Both my boys LOVE thier baths, too. Tate gets so excited when he hears the water starting and Coleson loves to swim in his "river" (just like adventure man...a.k.a man vs. wild guy)

SarahD said...

Hilarious, Aaden does the same thing. I've caught him balancing his body on the bathtub ledge with his legs horizontal in the air. Ready for a bath!! Seems to solve all of his grumpy problems too. Water boys.

Susan Petersen said...

what a sweet sweet photo.