Thursday, January 14, 2010

w.r.i.t.e.r.s b.l.o.c.k

I am absent from the blog...

But more present in mommyhood than ever.

When we got home from Charleston I started "working" from home.

I thought this would mean more work than it has been, but it turns out, I have been able to spend most of my time playing mama and maid (I am being silly about the maid part).

My day has become scheduled...8:30ish the boy is up, we eat breakfast together after daddy leaves for work...he plays until about 10:00ish and then naps for an hour or two while I clean a closet or tidy the house...he wakes. We typically have an afternoon adventure such as hiking Smuggler mountain with Aunt Amy Jo and Tait, and then he takes another nap around 3:30...daddy is home around 6:00, we play as a family, eat dinner, play some more, and then Brooks heads to bed...

I couldn't be more happy and am so thankful the Lord has opened the opportunity for me to be at home with my boy. What a joy.

Everyday when he is napping I check into my favorite blogs (see blog role to the right). I am so inspired by so many godly women who give a peak into their world as mommies and wives...and then I start a blog entry of my own...and get stuck.

So, I am praying for inspiration. I have a zillion fun pictures to show you that I took with my new camera! I have some really fun adventures to share with you... but they will come in time.

As a family we are dealing with some health issues, and focusing our time on praying and supporting our loved one who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer (but asked to remain anonymous, and I love and respect that).

I love you cup runneth over.

Until I can put my thoughts into better words,



Lyon Family Blog said...

What a blessing it is to stay home and be a mommy (and wife) I am happy to hear you are home with little Brooks! God is so good!!!

The Watson's said...

You're such a good wife and momma! And FRIEND! You're the best! So glad you are happy and content with where you find yourself in this game of life right now. That is a blessing. Love you! And love your blog, with or without a word-glamorous post!